The Rector's Link Magazine Article – April / May 2020

Knowing what to write for this edition of The Link has been a bit of a head scratcher!  Actually this is my third attempt, what with the pace of events over the last couple of weeks.  As you read through this copy of The Link I hope it’s obvious to you that the parish is alive and well – just a bit different really!  The sun is shining (at the moment), the clocks are changing soon, and we are still prayerful and faithful to each other and God.

A few things occur to me: firstly, is seems that neighbourliness is alive and well.  I’m not seeing the expected deluge of requests for home-help that I might have imagined. Are we all helping each other? The care of families and neighbours in local roads is working fine as far as I can tell – it certainly is in my road.

Secondly, all the online website content ‘The Church at Home’ seems to be getting well-used.  My thanks to all those who are sending in messages of encouragement and thanks.  It’s an evolving website at the moment, so please keep an eye on it.  There will also be the occasional email to the congregations (85% of which are on email).

Thirdly, Easter.  Here is another reason to keep an eye on the webpages.  The team will of course be putting video content on the websites, but please keep an eye open because new ideas are likely to emerge about how we can mark Easter in other ways.  At the time of writing I’ve yet to work that one out!

Fourth, Haslemere Foodbank.  I’d like us to keep a constant mind towards providing for the Foodbank.  However or whoever is doing your shopping for you, please try to set aside something.  If you can leave non-perishable items in the churches, or have someone drop them off, then I will ensure they get delivered weekly.  I’m in constant contact with the Foodbank, so please keep an eye on the website or email for further instructions about the sorts of things they need.

Fifth: Please pray for the church and its leaders at both national and local level.  So much is happening and changing at the moment.  In just a few days the whole church is having to redesign its ministry.  Love and patience are the two principal Christian virtues right now.

The prayer engine of the church is still working, so please keep the requests running.  If you ask for prayer, I can assure you that they will be lifted to God on a daily basis. 

I’m missing you all already! 

God bless you and your families at a challenging time.

Rector Chris