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This is page is intended to be space for advertising any useful information or online content that parisioners may find useful.  Please use this information at your discretion.

Meditations from a Monastery

The BBC are to begin hosting a series of monastic mediations through Holy Week, beginning on Monday. They are quite late in the evening, so lstening to a recording may be a good way to go.  They are hosted by various abbeys around the UK.

You can find the BBC Radio 3 webpage here.

Light a Candle

Lighting a candle is a way to think of someone we love.  Sometimes candles can be like prayers to God, especially when we might struggle to know what to say.

You can do so in any of our churches, but for now they are locked.  However, the Church of  England have provide a way for us to light a virtual candle for someone you love.  No words required!  You can do so here.

Church of England Apps

Did you know that the Church of England have a collection of eight different apps?  Church House Publishing have a great webpage where you can find out about each one.

You can reach the web page here.


Lee Abbey

Lee Abbey in Devon have some nice resources on their website.  In particular they have some very prayerful and contemplative musical resources, sheet music and videos.

You can reach the web page here.


Westminster Abbey Podcast

Westminster Abbey are have created an audio Podcast, which may be updated regularly.

You can reach the web page here.


BBC Radio 4 Daily Service

The BBC Website hosts a daily service of worship, with previous days also available for listening.

You can reach the web page here.

The Prayer Book Society

The Prayer Book Society have annouced that they are hosting a number of live streaming Book of Common Prayer services from their website.

Details can be found here on their web pages.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's National Broadcast

The Rt Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, made a national broadcast on Sunday 22nd March at 8:00am on Radio 4.

You can listen to his record broad cast here broadcast here on the Radio 4 website.