My Email Policy

Email is my main source of the communication with the parish, Godalming Deanery and Guildford Diocese.  You may not be surprised to hear that I recieve quite a lot of email, and I send a lot too!

The following policy broadly describes how I work with email:

1. My weekly day off is Friday, but in addition I tend not to work at my desk on Saturdays.  I cannot answer emails on Friday, and I am unlikely to on Saturdays.

2. I endevour to answer emails on the same day or within two-three days.  Where emails are related to my role as Area Dean, I may take longer because I do not work in that role every day.

3. I will never answer emails which contain swear words, abusive language, or which I judge to contain an offensive or agressive tone.

4. Emails which I mark as confidential should not be forwarded or replied-to beyond the original list of those to which it was sent.

In addition to my I also maintain

  Revd Chris Bessant