A Family Baptism

Baptisms are wonderfully happy occasions - to celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family, and even more to celebrate the love that God has for us.  Sometimes baptism is also called Christening - they are exactly the same thing.

Here at St Bartholomew's and St Christopher's, we believe a child becomes part of the great family of God's Church.  We recognise and support the commitment of families who wish to worship here and become part of our fellowship. We would like to encourage all families whose children are being baptised to come and join us regularly both before and after their special baptism day.

We can offer our many family and children's groups for all ages, from zero upwards!  Find out more about our family ministries here.

Can we come for Baptism?

The answer is always yes. There are two ways of qualifying:

1. In the parish churches of Haslemere it is our privilege to baptise the children of parents living within our own parish.

2. We also baptise the children of those who are regular Sunday worshippers here, even if they live outside the parish. Regular worship means a commitment to at least monthly attendance at either our morning services, or our afternoon children's Families@4. Once you have made such a commitment then we can look at dates and book you in.

Is it just for the children?

Absolutely not!  Often it's the parents of those children who are coming for baptism, and also those who have begun to come to church and realise that it's a good way to mark their new faith. 

How can we get started?

Firstly, take a look at the Church of England special website for baptism and christenings: churchofenglandchristenings.org  There is a lot of information about everything involved, including godparents, and what happens on the day. 

Secondly, call Rector Chris, who will be able to answer all of your question and to discuss dates. It is highly recommended that you speak with the Rector before deciding on godparents and sending out invites.

You can find Chris's contact details here.