Be Still – A Prayer Course for Lent 2023

Christians are supposed to pray.  So that’s easy, right?  Wrong!


Description automatically generatedHow do we do it, keep praying and not go stale?  What should we be praying for?  Is there a way we ought to pray?  Christian throughout the ages have wrestled with these questions, and even Christ himself found prayer to be painful at times. 

Since the day Christ finally ascended back to God, Christians have worked on their prayer lives and, in some cases produced some of the most enduring and beautiful spiritual writings we possess.  Yet many try but struggle to maintain a regular quiet time with God, leading them to feel as if they are failing as Christians.

Our 2023 Lent Course is ‘Be Still’, which is five weeks looking at how each of us might establish a comfortable and fulfilling personal life of prayer. 

Over five weeks, Chris and Justin will guide us through five different ways of approaching personal prayer, helping us to find out about what resources and help are available to us. 

Each session will be around one hour long, on in The Link at 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings – 28th February, 7th – 28th March.

If you wish to join the course, please sign-up below, or email the church office on

(and don’t worry if you can’t make every session!)


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