The Den Youth Group

The Den is a new Church Youth Club aimed at 8 -12 year-olds, that will be held every Wednesday at 17:30pm - 18:45pm at St Christopher's from the 2nd March 2022. It is all about having fun while making friends, playing games, faith exploration, spiritual connection, craft challenges, exciting outings and adventures, and making a difference in the local community & environment through our youth led projects.

The Den launches on Wednesday 2nd March. Click to find out what we are going to be doing.

Aims of the Group

The group sessions will vary each week, and sometime going out for activites and socials:

Spiritual Connection (Relationship with God) – It’s not just about being God smart, it’s about being God connected.  We aim to help the children connect with God on a spiritual level. 

Learning (Christian Learning) – To help the children learn about the Christian faith and see that the bible is still relevant and important in the modern world and to their lives.


Growing (Doing things together) – We will grow and bond together as a group through fun, games, group activities and exciting outings.  There will also be plenty of opportunities to draw closer together and grow as a ‘family’ during the meaningful discussions and when out making a difference in the local community.

Worship (Being Part of the Church) – As the children grow in their faith we will encourage them to become part of the wider church community and involve them in serving it.



Serving (Helping Others) – We will be helping the local community and environment once a month.  What is close to each child’s heart will help us to decide on the projects we will tackle as it’s important to find their passion points to create drive and meaning. Faith leads to action and action leads to faith. 

Safeguard & Support – A core aim of the group is to create a place of safety for these children and to provide support.  This is going to be their space and we will abide by safeguarding rules and guidance to ensure it is a refuge and a healthy environment.


For more information about The Den please contact:

Verity Sutherland, Children & Families Worker (Older Children)


Or register your child here:

Upcoming Dates

Weds 27th April – Welcome Back Indoor Pool Party

Private indoor pool party with inflatables, water games and party food. 

4th May – Baking for Brain Tumour Research

We will be baking chocolate cookies for the youth run cake bake sale on Sunday 8th May for Brain Tumour Research.  In our discussion we are focusing on how God is bigger than any problem. @St Christopher’s Church.

Sunday 8th May – Cake Bake Sale & Lemonade Stand

The Den group will be running a cake stall and lemonade stand after the 10am service on Sunday 8th May, which will include the biscuits they made at the previous Den session and other donated cakes @ St Christopher’s Church

11th May – Scarecrow Competition

We will be creating a scarecrow on behalf of Haslemere Parish for the local Rotary run Scarecrow Competition that is held every year and it will also take pride of place on our Jubilee Float.  Our scarecrow making will tie in with our discussion of 'One Body But Many Parts' (1 Corinthians 12:12-27).@ St Christopher’s Church.

Sunday 15th May – Jubilee Float Decorating

We will be teaming up with the younger Families@4 group to decorate our NHS themed Jubilee Float accompanied with a lot of glitter and fun! We have a metal bed on wheels and the panels on both sides need their creative attention. The decorating session will be at 14:00pm on the 15th May and the Jubilee procession will be held on Sunday 5th June. We are hoping some of the Den kids will be available for the procession as we will be dressed up as doctors, nurses and patients, carrying buckets for donations towards the NHS. @St Bartholomew’s Church

18th May – The Den on a Mission!

The Den will begin by visiting the Hasleway enclosed garden to lay our plans for next term as our group have been asked to give it a bit of a facelift!  We will then be litterpicking on Lions Green, giving the Orchard a water and ending with a Dylans Icecream! @Lions Green

25th May – End of Half Term Special

Details to follow soon!