The Den Youth Group

The Den is a Church Youth Club aimed at 8 -12 year-olds, that will be held every Wednesday.  It is all about having fun while making friends, playing games, faith exploration, spiritual connection, craft challenges, exciting outings and adventures, and making a difference in the local community & environment through our youth led projects.


Aims of the Group

The group sessions will vary each week, and sometime going out for activites and socials:

Spiritual Connection (Relationship with God) – It’s not just about being God smart, it’s about being God connected.  We aim to help the children connect with God on a spiritual level. 

Learning (Christian Learning) – To help the children learn about the Christian faith and see that the bible is still relevant and important in the modern world and to their lives.


Growing (Doing things together) – We will grow and bond together as a group through fun, games, group activities and exciting outings.  There will also be plenty of opportunities to draw closer together and grow as a ‘family’ during the meaningful discussions and when out making a difference in the local community.

Worship (Being Part of the Church) – As the children grow in their faith we will encourage them to become part of the wider church community and involve them in serving it.



Serving (Helping Others) – We will be helping the local community and environment.  What is close to each child’s heart will help us to decide on the projects we will tackle as it’s important to find their passion points to create drive and meaning. Faith leads to action and action leads to faith. 

Safeguard & Support – A core aim of the group is to create a place of safety for these children and to provide support.  This is going to be their space and we will abide by safeguarding rules and guidance to ensure it is a refuge and a healthy environment.


For more information about The Den please contact:

Verity Sutherland, Children & Families Worker (Older Children)


Or register your child here:

Upcoming Dates

Welcome back!  We can’t wait to see the kids again this year and have a great line-up for them. Like last term we have a mix of Christian learning and connection, community work, creative projects, outings, and fun!  We will be mostly at St Christopher’s Church this half term while it is rather dark and wet, but as the weather and light improve, we have some more adventurous evenings planned.

This year there is going to be a slight change to the schedule as every second Wednesday of the month from February, there will be no Den group as we are starting an older group (that will follow on from The Den) that will run just once a month at present.

Weds 11th Jan – Fruits of the Spirit & Cocktail Fun

For this session we will discuss New Year’s resolutions and how working on being closer to God can transform us and our lives as we bare the fruits of the spirit. For fun, we will then be making some of our own ‘fruits of the spirit’ cocktails and playing some amusing games. 

@St Christopher’s Church

Weds 18th Jan – Creative Prayer & Rhy's Fun Fundraising Night

At the end of 2022, our trainee youth worker, Rhys, began fundraising for charity MIND. He has an evening of meaningful fun planned for the group that ties in with his wellbeing fundraising.  We will discuss what Christ said about prayer and the kids can explore some creative prayer stations set up around the church. There will also be silly games and an opportunity for them all to cream pie Rhys all in a good cause!

@St. Christopher’s Church

Weds 25th Jan - Community Project

We will be heading out to help within the local community again. Details are being finalized and will follow shortly!

Weds 1st Feb - Candlemas - Christian Festival of Light

For this session we will be discussing Candlemas (Christian Festival of Light), and its significance, and then we are going to make some candles of our own!  We will then have some outside, torch lit games.

@St. Christopher’s Church

Weds 8th Feb – No Den due to older group

Weds 15th Feb – Half Term