Good Friday - At the Foot of the Cross

The Cross of Jesus Christ is central to our faith and forms the centre point of Easter.  Bringing our sinful lives to God at Easter time is much like us following Jesus to the hill of Calvary, where we gather at the foot of the cross with nothing more to offer than our faults and failures. 

For 2022, our Good Friday service is returning to a more familiar pattern from past years.  We shall gather in the church at 2:00pm for a Service of the Cross

Part of the Good Friday service is where we are each invited to take a red ribbon and nail it to the cross, as our indivudal act of repentance, and to give thanks for all that Christ has done for us.  That same cross will then be carried down into the centre of Haslemere, to the Town Hall, where we shall finish our service with a Walk of Witness.

Finally the cross will be returned to St Bartholomew's Church where it placed prominently outside in the churchyard for all to see.  Large crosses covered in red ribbon make a powerful witness to our faith, as people walk and drive past the churches.