Lent Course 2021


How can we tell the story of Jesus Christ through our lives? 


Can people come to know something about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith through our behaviour and what we say?

The story of the Bible has much to say about being God’s people and living as a blessing on the world.  After all, didn’t he make us in his image?  What does that mean anyway?

Question, questions, questions…………but that is ok.

During the season of Lent we are invited each year to think carefully about our faith in ways that we might not do so often.  It can be a revealing time, a stretching time, and a learning time.  Maybe you are planning to give up something for the season, but here we are inviting you to take something up!

For six Tuesday evenings through Lent we are going to read together ‘Living his Story’, written by Hannah Steele, which is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s chosen Lent book for 2021. 

Each participant will have the book, reading a chapter each week, before joining together on Zoom to discuss what new insights we might learn for our Christian lives.


Has this year of global pandemic shut-down the church’s ability to tell people about God’s love in Jesus Christ?  Well perhaps in some ways, but history will show that the church has stepped-up into new ways of working together and in our communities.  Far from diminishing, our own parish life here in Haslemere has found new ways to grow, because talking of Christ is so much more than using words.



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