Suggested Lent Reading

Lent is the greatest season of the year for reflection.  Those days and weeks from Ash Wednesday until the Day of Easter are set aside to think carefully about our lives in Christ, with God and the Holy Spirit within us.  For many, some time is found each day to sit quietly with a new book, or indeed and old one.  But what to read.

#LiveLent: God's story, Our story

For 2021 Revd Elaine Collins has searched and sifted the many Lent book offerings that are available this year.  These are set out below, and are varied according to different tastes.  Each of these can be purchased directly from any online Christian book retailers, but these three are commonly used:

Eden -

BRF Online -

Church House Bookshop -

You will of course find many other suitable Lent books on these website.  If you have any difficulty order these books, please do get in touch with the Church Office.


Living His Story Paperback

Revealing the extraordinary love of God in ordinary ways: The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2021

by Hannah Steele (linked to the C of E Lent publication)

Rooted in Love - Lent Reflections on Life in Christ

Lent Reflections on Life in Christ.  Introduced and edited by Bishop Sarah Mullally, here are forty reflections that lead us deeper into the meaning and practice of life in Christ today.

by Sarah Mullally

Thy Will Be Done: The 2021 Lent Book

The Lords Prayer in a time of at a time of change, uncertainty and widespread anxiety.

by Stephen Cherry

Meeting God in Mark: Reflections for the Season of Lent

A fresh look at the message and meaning of Mark's Gospel by one of the world's greatest living theologians Based on his popular Holy Week talks, given to a public audience in Canterbury Cathedral.

by Rowan Williams

Celtic Lent: 40 days of devotions to Easter

Drawing on a rich heritage of Christian thought and reflection, Celtic Lent helps you practice and draw deeper into a spiritual understanding of Christ's death and resurrection.

by David Cole

Opening Our Lives: Devotional readings for Lent

Lent is not about giving up or taking up, but a radical opening up: the opening up of our lives to God’s transformative kingdom.

by Trystan Owain Hughes