Worship Service Booking

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There is a limitation on the number of people who can attended any one service, due to the distancing rules, which has meant that we have had to provide a system by which allows individuals to book virtual tickets - but don't worry there is no cost!  In this way we can monitor demand, whilst maintaining safety.

The service pattern is quite changable, so do please look at the interim pattern before deciding which services to come to.  You can find the current service pattern here.

It's important to note that on most Sundays the main 10:00am service will still be live-streamed and recorded as in recent months. 

Can I come every week?  That is not likely to be possible we are afraid.  A good rule-of-thumb is that if you booked onto a service one week, consider accessing the live-streamed version the next.  That said, as the interim pattern settles down it may be possible to open things up a bit more.


Booking Onto a Service

Each church has a different capacity, so depending upon which week it is, there will be a variation in the number of worshippers we can accomodate.  Various kinds of tickets are available depending on whether you plan to come on your own, as a couple, or as a family.  It's important for us to know this because it will help us lay out the seating according to households, to better manage capacity. 

Below is a calendar to show which services are planned.  Click on the service you wish to attend and select the ticket which best described how you will expect come.  If there are tickets, then you can complete the form.

If you are unable to see the events below, please follow this link: Service Booking